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Type Vandel Buster
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Zenon was a Vandel Buster and Beet's older brother.


Zenon is a high ranked Vandel Buster and the leader of the Zenon Warriors. He is the original owner of the Excellion Blade. When Beet was only an infant, he took him to Poala's parents because he wanted him to have a normal life without having to kill vandels. He vanished after the violent battle with Beltorze, the king of tragedy. He seemed to have been killed. It is unknown if he survived. He gave his saiga to Beet before his possible death. In volume 11 of the manga, it is revealed that Zenon had a hidden power reserve that allows his Divine Power of light to glow around his body making his melee attacks stronger in exchange for turning himself into light, it was Zenon's idea to use this to advance Excellion Blade to the next step although King Gransista told him to not use it no matter what.


Excellion Blade
This is an extremely strong Saiga, controlled by Beet's brother Zenon. It is a powerful sword materialized by the Divine Power of Light. Its appearance, with its angelic wings, reflects its majestic, heavenly force. Beet can materialize Excellion Blade that it is considered a lethal weapon against the weaker Vandels. It is also the Saiga he can use while under intense gravity due to its nature and effect on the user, increasing the wielder's moving speed and jumping capabilities.