The Beet Warriors

Vandel Busters are often called Busters. To become a Buster, one applies at the Buster "house" to get a brand that indicates their level. Elders have the special ability to scan a buster's eye to prove kills and advance levels. Levels are similar to RPG game level systems in that the more monsters or Vandels one kills, the higher one's level. Levels are represented in roman numeral like characters that represent numbers, with each line representing a level. It should be noted that the buster's level is more a reflection of how much they have done, rather than how strong they are. Elders also give monetary rewards for slaying Vandels and Monsters, allow for the formal formation of groups, and give information. Each "house", in each town, is under the jurisdiction of the Busters Association. (Similar to the vandel hotel)

Busters can work either individually or in groups. Buster are policed by a group known as the Broad Busters, commonly referred to as BB, and must have at least a minimum level of 40. Busters fight with Divine attack (energy in the forms of Air, Fire, Light, Thunder, and Water), or their own individual Saiga (A magic weapon made of divine energy), the ultimate weapon used to fight evil. Normally, a Buster is not able to produce a Saiga until they have mastered a certain level of divine attack.