Stars are a form of ranking system used by Vandels similar to the Busters' levels. Stars range from 1 to 7, 7 being the highest. These are attached to a Vandel's left arm permanently.

Earning a star Edit

Stars are gained when a Vandel proves himself to be powerful. They are gained from various acts, from killing a human of importance to destroying a large amount of humans. It gets harder for a Vandel to earn stars as they earn more. As such, it is rare for a particular human's death to be worthy of an immediate star. The stars are given by Shagie.

Importance Edit

The importance of a star varies from Vandel to Vandel. While most Vandels see stars as a source of pride, others like Noa couldn't care less about earning them. Others see lower-level Vandels to be equal as trash.

Bounties Edit

A bounty in the form of stars is put on any human considered a threat worthy of a prize beyond Sorcery Bills. The highest star bounty shown has been 1 star.

Humans with bountiesEdit

Loss of starsEdit

A Vandel's stars are permanent during his lifetime. When they die, their stars will shatter one at a time until they are all destroyed. This is possibly done to keep Vandels from stealing stars.

As the stars are attached to a Vandel's left arm, stars may only be lost by force, such as when the arm is cut off or the stars are forcibly ripped off. Stars removed from the arm lose their luster and their power. This is also to keep vandels from stealing stars.

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