Slade is Beet's rival and friend.

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Slade, by nature, is an assassin. He met Beet while he was on his three year journey, around the 2nd or the 3rd year. The two are rivals to each other, but not in an angry sort of way. Years later, he meets Beet and Poala at a port town, which later becomes the battlefield where Beet and Beltorze later fight. After said fight, he impressively holds off Beltorze from killing a weakened Beet. After a long fight, Beltorze eventually defeats him, throwing him into a building and breaking an entire wall.

Slade, like Beet, uses spears when fighting. He is especially skilled at using Divine 



Wind, normally creating small wind shuriken or using tornadoes to attack. His strongest attack is called "Divine Attack: Cyclone," where he creates an enormous tornado surrounding his enemy. He then uses his Saiga, "Silent Grave," to slash at his opponent. All the while, he is moving so fast in the whirlwind that he cannot be seen.

His personality is best described as silent.

He is basically the opposite of Beet. In volume 9 he returns to the story and saves Milfa and Kissu (or as Slade calls him Duckling) from Balleus, then they team up in volume 10 an 11 to Save Cruss, after the mision Slade went off to deal with a mission in Bekatrute.


Divine Attack: Cyclone

A Wind attack where Slade Creates a cyclone from his hand making him and his Silent Grave turn invisible, if Slade uses Silent Grave during this attack he can cut his enemy up from head to toe


'Silent Grave'

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The Silent Grave is a spear saiga made of wind, and compressed to a very high limit. It is so focused, that it can cut through the skin of any vandel. Another side addition is that when he summons it, its invisible, which make it looks like he is slashing at his enemies using just his hands.