Said to have mastered all fields of study, Noa is what Grineed could only pretend to intellectual. He dislikes fighting and never sought to be a seven star Vandel. In his own words, "I simply brushed off the sparks that landed on me and this is what I received." He created the Beltorze Phantom that Beet destroyed. He has withdrawn from the contest to kill Beet as he has no interest in being the 8 star Vandel. All he cares for are his studies. He is friends with Beltorze, and drew for him in the contest to determine order. It is also implied that he is in fact incredibly powerful, as evident when Beltorze said only fools cannot see the terrifying power in Noa. Noa wears what seem to be one half of a pair of spyglasses over his left eye. Whether it is there for reason or not is unknown, but it may be that this glass gives Noa some sort of power to predict what happens in a certain amount of time based on the current situation. Or it may be that this glass just does all the calculations for him. He may have a teleportation-like ability as he is able to appear instantly at Baron's stronghold to intervene on a potential fight between Hystario and Baron by stopping Hystario's secret technique. Another theory is that Noa has the ability to stop time, which would also explain his sudden appearance both when Baron and Hystario confronted each other and when the Beet Warriors fought Grineed.