Mugain, also known as Mugine, was a two star Vandel from both the Anime and the Manga.


He is a Vandel made of mud who moves in and starts terrorizing the home town of Beet and Poala following the disapearance of the Zenon Warriors and Beet leaving to train. After attacking the town with monsters he kidnapps four townsfolk as bait to lour in Poala which she proceeds to fall for. He is just about to kill Poala when Beet appears. The inssuing fight causes him to be cut in half which he later regenerates by absorbing his monsters. He later is defeated by Beet and Poala. In the battle Beet uses Burning Lance and Crown Shield while Poala uses Tengeki of Fire and Ice (the second in order to free Beet).


He appears in the Anime episodes 3-5 and in the Manga volume  .