Laio wa
s a Vandel Buster. He is a member of the apparently late Zenon Warriors.


A member of the Zenon Warriors. He is the lead attacker, using a spear as his weapon. The element of his Divine Power is fire, and his saiga is the Burning Lance. He teaches Beet Sohjutsu (the art of spears) and as a result, the spear is Beet's preferred weapon. In the anime, Laio is known as "the Master of Spears" which goes to show how well known the Zenon Warriors are. At first it seems like Laio is annoyed by Beet, but in reality he really cares about him. He is even amazed on how Beet changed when he became a Buster, admiring his dream and his will to become as strong as the group. According to Zenon, his main weakness is giving up too fast.

The Burning Lance is one the first saiga Beet begins to master at the start of the series, since his main weapon is a spear. Beet can power up the Lance using his Divine Power called (though if Beet tries to use the Divine Attack of Fire without the Burning Lance, he ends up burning his own hand) and can make it stretch to unbelievable heights (similar to Son Goku's nyoi-bou from the story "Journey to the West" and Gin Ichimaru's shikai which lets it grow to a large amount). The Burning Lance also has the ability to change into a twin-headed spear, though Beet has not yet used this particular power. He uses this mortal weapon many times, relying on its strength to defeat many Vandels.

In the manga, the Winged Knight was able to use Laio's saiga but it is believe by some anime fans that Laio may be Winged Knight seeing as the Winged Knight he was able to use a form that Beet never saw before where Burning Lance had two heads. In volume 11 Beltorze commented that someone opened a gap in space and time and scattered the zenon warriors around the world so in later volumes Winged knight may prove to be Laio or if not he may appear as himself in later volumes.


Burning Lance
Since Beet learned the Sohjutsu (Art of the Spear) from Laio, he uses this Saiga the most often. Born out of the Divine Power of Fire, this spear always radiates with heat and burns the bodies of its enemies as it slices through their flesh. As a first choice, it's the best weapon to use against Vandels. The Burning Lance can also extend, and gain a second spear head on its other end, as shown in Beet's brief battle against the Winged Knight.