Rodina is the first female Vandel to be seen in the story, and she might be the only one. She looks human and is rather cute. She claims that other Vandels often accuse her of acting human but she is a 7 star Vandel and that does not happen by being nice. Her specialty is creating portals to move herself or others quickly from one place to another. She saved Beet from Garonewt but only so he would not get an unfair jump on the other 7 stars. Her constant companion is Cynthia the margtin - a type of small nearly blind monster with retractable spines, sharp teeth and bottomless appetite for human flesh. She is to be the fifth and final 7 star to challenge Beet. In volume 11 she explains to Garonewt that she manipulated him and chose to go last. She crushes his head when he is about to completely crumble after taking him to her room and is watched by Shagie before leaving through the Door of Shimyaku. She also appears to have some thoughts about Kissu.