(also Kiss) is a Vandel Buster specializing in Divine Power.


Kissu became the best friend of Beet. When Beet left to train, Kissu joined a group of Busters. One day their group encountered Sir Baron and had Kissu attack to stop him while the group ran away. Sir Baron decided to kill them for running away and left Kissu bewildered.After that he stopped trusting humans and joined Grineed but Beet helped him to trust humans again after defeain Grineed. He is often called a duckling by Slade. Kissu happens to have a crush on Poala. He has mastered performing the attack called he calls frozen wave of divine blue. He wants to help Beet end the dark age. Beet and Kissu met when they were only 12 years old.He is the third member of the Beet warriors. in volume 11 when Sir Baron returns Kissu was scared to death and can't move, and when he uses his Fierce Celestial Palm and only he and Beet survive it, Beet decides to attack Sir Baron and asks Kissu to save Poala, but Kissu was too scared and ran away like his former group, and in volume 12 while Beet and Poala are healing he is feeling terrible about his life,and his dreams and Milfa is Devasted later Gala decides to take him to pray at her mother's grave, where Kissu decides to go to where Beet and Poala are healing and fight Sir Baron with all he has.


Kissu is able to attack with all Divine elements.

Divine Attack
Disc of Light
Kissu uses his Divine Power of light to form a defensive wall that intercepts freezing air, can be amplified if multiple people use tengeki of light.

Great Fire Ball of Divine Furor
A first-class Divine Power where Kissu throws a giant fireball and spins, turning the enemy to ashes.

Frozen Wave of Divine Blue
A first-class Divine Power where Kissu hits the enemy with a large amount of divine power all at once, if it hits the opponent will be completely frozen and can be destroyed easily, Ultimate Form of Divine Attack: Water where its a beam of light, Takes a long time to charge but its almost invincible.

Burst End
Ultimate Form of Divine Attack: Fire is really Explosive, in volume 7 Kissu Said he could do this but is afraid of it.