Other than the fact he plays the guitar, little is known about this seven star Vandel. He is to be the third 7 star to challenge Beet. As shown in volume 11, Hystario hides a blade in his guitar, which he draws against Baron. Whether this is the blade that earned him his title is still unknown as of this moment. In volume 11 the name of Hystario's technique is called Fang Style Transmigration. He seems to despise Baron and has a powerful rivalry with him. At the end of volume 11, he managed to pierce Baron's body with his sword by memorizing Baron's movements during an earlier confrontation. In volume 12 it is revealed that his "Fang Style Transmigration" is actually his sword, made of his bone, being transformed while in its sheath, then, as he draws his sword, the specially formed blade, in this case, flies off at pierces baron . His current status, as in volume 12, is incapacitated by Sir Baron. He was literally torn apart by the knight then hung on a tree by Noa, the Vandel Scholar.