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Garonewt is a seven star Vandel also known as The Immovable Giant


Garonewt rules over the desert and it's said that he got his nickname because no human attack has ever worked against him.

He has a body that is made up of monsters that are transformed into bricks. This allows him to store and bring out monsters anytime he wants to. The bricks that he stores monsters in have special healing powers and any creature, as long as it's still living, that enters these blocks is healed. The one rule though is that no monster that has stars can enter the block, keeping Garonewt from just sucking up all the vandels over the world.

Garonewt was picked first to go after Beet in order to get the star. He set up a base on a close-by island and put all of his Sorcery Bills into creating a giant trap for Beet and his friends