Frausky is one of Grineed's lackeys, said to be his strongest. Unlike Rozzgoat who is a dark attack specialist or Grineed who crushes his opponents with his fist, Frausky relies of the unique properties of his body. His right hand and forearm turn into a pistol that fire biological bullets that are generated inside his body giving him effectively unlimited ammo. His right arm works as a cannon firing bombs and he can launch a bunch of needles from his hair. Most formidable of all is his ability to withstand and recover from damage. Frausky has what he calls a core; it's about the size of a golf ball, has a face on it, and two leaves sticking out of the top. Frausky can survive anything so long as his core is intact, although injuries may still reduce his fighting ability. The core is usually concealed and can be moved to any part of his body. If he finds himself in danger, he separates whatever part has the core then plants it in soil to grow a whole new body. This is usually done with his left arm so he will not lose his stars. The abandoned body explodes violently. The strangest thing about Frausky is his love for children and animals. He says that baby animals and humans have an aura of helplessness and that he cannot kill them. When Shagie questions him about killing Beet, who is a child, he says that humans are cute until they reach a certain size after that they are "out of bounds" and it is okay to kill them. He is killed with Ventura when Beet used Cyclone Gunner's "sniper mode".