Dangowl (left) stands with his master Grineed, whom he feels safe next to.

Dangowl is Grunide's crybaby servant. Dangowl takes the form of a bug and make seem tougher than he looks, but upon yelling at him or something like that, Dangowl will cry. In Volume 6, Dangowl scolds Kissu, his former fellow servant, for his betrayal. Beet and Poala yell at Dangowl and he falls over and cries as a result. When Kissu is down in Grunide's chamber, Dangowl guesses that Kissu was killed and was pounded in the stomach by Poala, who forced him to lead her and Beet to the chamber. Dangowl then thought she was a scary woman. When Grunide sheds his outer shell, Dangowl explains what is happening and hides. When the entire castle is eradicated, Dangowl is recognized by Grunide and runs up to the lord. But Grunide tells Dangowl to "buzz off" and says that he can't comfort his rage anymore. When Grunide asks Dangowl if he can accept pure terror, Dangowl runs off crying, saying he can't do it.

Dangowl and Grineed as they face of Beet and his friends.