The Saiga known as Cyclone Gunner belongs to Alside but later was past down to Beet. The Cyclone Gunner is the third Saiga Beet starts to master.At first, the Saiga is hard for Beet to use because he can only fire one shot in comparison with Alside, who could fire lots of bullets. At first Beet though it was the difference of Tenryoku they both had which limited Beet’s amount of shots. After his second fight with the Vandel Frausky he realizes he has to synchronize his breathing with the Cyclone Gunner (since it breathes air, this explains why Alside could shoot consecutive times without having to reload) in order to shoot an unlimited amount of bullets- in fact, in Beet's words, the Gunner has no bullets to begin with. Using this knowledge, Cyclone Gunner becomes a mighty weapon in Beet’s arsenal. The Cyclone Gunner has

The Cyclone Gunner

a secondary form where it fires a thin beam of power and can accurately hit enemies that are far away, almost like a sniper's weapon. This secret ability enables Beet to simultaneously kill the Vandels Ventura and Frausky when they were far off, flying into the sunset. 

Beet training with the Cyclone Gunner