Boltic Axe
Boltic Axe
Owner Bluezam (original owner)

The Boltic Axe (ボルティックアックス Borutikku Akkusu) is the saiga of Bluezam and Beet. The Saiga which Beet used the least was his Boltic Axe. One reason for this was its incredible and difficult-to-handle power level. In Volume 6, Beet told Poala that if he ever had to use it, she should run away as quickly as possible because he did not know the effects. Another reason is that it took him some time to materialize it: exactly twelve seconds. Because of these reasons, the Boltic Axe was only used by Beet as a last resort. He was able to control it to some extent, as was evidenced by his fight with Grineed. In Volume 7, he used the Boltic Axe to cut off the villain Grineed's horn when he was in his true form, because the axe was the only weapon with enough power to hurt him. However, his inexperience with the Saiga almost made him destroy the battlefield completely. Later, however, in volume 8, Beet remarks that he can aim and use the axe very well, as evidenced in his battle against Balleus, the newfound skill probably a result of the battle against Grineed. In volume 11 Beltorze commented that someone opened a gap in space and time and scattered the zenon warriors around the world so Bluezam may still be alive and be set to appear in later volumes.

In volume 12, during a desperate fight against the Baron, Beet discovers the staff can detach and the spike at its end used as a seperate speedier piercing weapon. During this moment, Beet felt a power sleeping within the larger portion fo the blade. After distracting the Vandel, Beet managed to awaken it, He maw like center in the axe blades center opened and began to drain away the life force of everything in the area, this effect was so powerful even a seemingly imortal vandel who was ripped to bits feared it. This power seems very dangerous, Beet stating it will attack everyone and anything near him and he isnt strong enough to control or stop it on his own. The vandel buster known as Wing Knight helped him to stop the attack before Poala was killed in the prossess.