Beet 3

Beltorze is a seven star Vandel who appears in Beet the Vandel Buster.


He is an evil vandel known as the king of tragedy. He is blamed for killing the Zenon Warriors. He is rivaled with Grunide.

He can create Phantoms of himself. One time, he sent one to finish Beet but the phantom was killed. When the Zenon warriors were fighting him Beet was watching the battle. But Beltorze saw him. He grabbed Beet and badly injured him by energy blasting him in the stomach. The Zenon warriors were gonna die anyway so they gave their Saigas to Beet. The Zenon warriors fought Beltorze with martial arts moves. Beet fell unconscious. The Zenon warriors vanished. Most people say they are dead and some say they are alive somewhere. After that Beltorze was awarded. He just sat on his throne and never move
d around much later.