Little is known about this seven star Vandel other than the fact he can fly. He has a unique sense of honor and was the one who spared Kissu while killing his previous Buster group. He will be the second seven star to try to kill Beet. He and Hystario have a powerful rivalry. He seems to prefer fighting humans more than his fellow Vandels and has a habit of letting promising Busters go in hopes that they return more powerful in order to fight him. According to Noa, this is why Hystario hates him. In Volume 11 he appears outside a village where Beet, Poala, and Kissu are staying and reveals his "baptizing blow" Fierce Celestial Palm, This is also the technique that slaughtered Kissu's former Buster team. He also is known as Sir Baron, due to being called "sir" by a defeated warrior who thought that Baron fought in a fair and honorable manner. In volume 12 it is revealed that under his mask lies his other brain, the violent and sadistic Zanga. Zanga awakens once a month, on the night of the red moon, and also asserts control if Baron is badly injured. He is currently fighting Kissu, who has regained his fighting spirit.