Balleus, or the "Steel Fang", is a five-star Vandel who is known to eat machines and metal. In volume 7, he chases after a pilot called Mr. Guntry so he can eat the poor old man's plane. After seeing his fleet being easily defeated, Balleus charges an attack but a sleeping Beet awakens and throws a rock into the Steel Fang's mouth, causing the big fish he was riding to be blown in half and he tumbles into the water but eventually pokes his head out. He steps onto the beach and eats some metal from his belt, leaving only the buckle, and pulls weapons from his shoulders and attacks Beet, but is no match for him and his Burning Lance. Some Knight Snipers come and try to take Balleus away to safety, but Beet's Boltic Axe sends an energy wave that cuts through Balleus and his incompitent minions and sends them tumbling into the water, where the Steel Fang was thought to have been killed. A legless Balleus eventually washes up onto a beach, where Garonewt finds him, tears his stars off, and captures him in a brick. He last appears at Bekatrute with fellow Vandel, Lord Eluder. He easily defeats Milfa and is about to kill Kissu when Steel Fang and Eluder meet Slade and are both split in half by his Saiga, the Silent Grave.